Shed in the woods

We have a long legacy of building quality storage buildings

Whether you’re looking for something quick off the lot, or need something that is custom, we have what you’re looking for. These sheds are built right here on-site in our Ashland workshop and delivered to your location!

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Available in any width up to 13’6” and any length up to 24’.

Our experience in the industry has also been the foundation that we have built our Tiny Homes on. While ‘Tiny Home’ might seem like something out of HGTV, the reality of ‘sustainable living’ is gaining traction all over the United States. With Carlson’s in house manufacturing facility, we can assist our clients through the entire design/build process. We classify our builds into 3 categories:

  1. Design and Supply
    • Some people just need to do it themselves! If you count yourself in this camp, our staff is happy to help you design your sustainable home, quote the material, and leave the build in your capable hands!
  2. Shell Only Construction
    • The most common Carlson build leaves the structural components in our experienced crew’s hands, and gives you free-reign to get your hands dirty completing the finishing touches!
  3. Full Design/Build
    • From the floorplan and elevation drawings, to the installation of the trims, the only thing you’ll need to do is prepare a site and get the proper permits for your new building!